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Amazon,Big Basket gets permission for online delivery of Alcohol with these state Government

It is a known fact that the coronavirus has had a severe impact on the Indian economy. Due to the countrywide lock-down for almost 2 months, all businesses, shops and other stuff had to be put to a complete stop.

The economy saw a great dip during this time, but some businesses are being reopened to get it back on track. One of those is the alcohol sector which saw the biggest hit during the pandemic crisis.

However, it seems that not only liquor shops are allowed to open but soon you can get home delivery of alcohol from Amazon and BigBasket.

E-commerce giant Amazon has received permission start delivering alcohol in West Bengal along with Big Basket, the online groceries delivery company.

Alibaba backed venture - Big Basket has also received approval to deliver alcohol in the state.

West Bengal is the fourth most populated state in India with a total number of over 90 million people.

The report states, "Amazon has been invited to sign a memorandum of understanding with the state.

The report explains that Amazon’s interest in delivering alcohol in West Bengal hints at an important move which makes way for a market that worth $27.2 billion, as per the reports in the research market.

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