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Replacing original products with fakes, four men cheat billion dollar e-commerce giant of Rs 70 lakh

Bengaluru police are on the lookout for four men who allegedly duped billion dollar e-commerce giant Amazon of Rs 70 lakh by replacing original products with fakes and returning them to the company.

The accused returned as many as 854 goods to the company (Representative Image)

Bengaluru: In a shocking turn of events, four men have been accused of duping e-commerce giant Amazon of a staggering Rs 70 lakh. The matter came to light after an authorised representative with the billion dollar company filed an official complaint with the Koromangala police accusing four men including two assistant managers of a third-party service provider.

In his statement to the police, complainant Nishad Sharma has identified four men namely Ravi Kumar, Sonu, Mohammed Anwar, and Shiv Naik. A copy of the FIR accessed by Times of India ascertains that Anwar and Naik are assistant managers with a Koromangala-based third-party service provider.

According to reports, the accused used Amazon's "Returns, Refunds and Replacement" policy to steal close to Rs 70 lakh from the e-commerce giant. Since Amazon refunds customers who receive either damaged or substandard quality goods, Anwar and Naik who were in charge of such refunds used the policy to line their own pockets. At the time, all of the accused are absconding.

With the help of the two others accused in the case, Naik and Sharma purchased several different commodities and returned them only after replacing them with fake ones. While Naik and Sharma approved the refunds, the other two posed as customers. In fact, the complainant claims that the accused returned as many as 854 goods to the company causing it to suffer a loss of Rs 69,61,939. The fraud came to light only after Amazon executives began checking the products that were sent with the fake products returned to the company by the accused.

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